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Oil extraction plant has a positive impact on development

Soybean oil extraction process:

When the Oil extraction operation, the prepared material from the hopper into the compression chamber, and then press the screw rotation to move forward, and pressed in the chamber under conditions of high pressure, the friction between the material and the chamber will be generated, which also create friction between the particles and the relative movement, on the other hand, root diameter of screw press carried from one end to another. Therefore, in rotation, it not only to be before moving particles, but also their outward and, at the same time, the adjacent screw particles along the rotating screw with 'rotation, the result of each particle inside the chamber with different velocity, particle so the relative shift heat is necessary in the manufacturing process. Because of the help of the changes of protein property damage increase colloid, plasticity, reduce oil elasticity, resulting in high oil productivity.

Soybean oil extraction process, solvent oil extraction:

It is suitable for solvent leaching or steep oil extracted from raw materials, oil in the oil, and dissolved in the solvent, and then get two of the mixed oil filter and oil containing solvent. Hot mix oil, solvent evaporated, blind separation of solvent oil, crude oil and raw. Oil refining (water, alkali refining, bleaching, etc.) according to the national standard. As edible oil can be recycled after solvent evaporation cooling.

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