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Six Advantages of Leaching Extraction Oil Method

Oil Extraction of vegetable oils is a modern method of oil extraction. Oil extraction adopts the application of a solid - liquid extraction principle.Choosing some kind of organic solvent capable of dissolving grease, spraying and immersion of such fuel in the oil. It is the highest oil extraction rate method.

Leaching extraction has obvious advantages to other methods

1. the oil yield of this method is higher than any other method, residual oil rate less than 1% in leaching meal , which has practical significance on the rational use of oil resources.

2. after oil extraction ,the oil meal contains high protein,which can be used as livestock feed and animal feed production.

3: the processing cost is relatively low, because the use of non-mechanized methods, especially increasing the production scale, making processing costs even lower.

4: leaching method is relatively easy to achieve automatic control of production. Leaching method belongs to chemical production unit combination, which is easy to achieve the automatic control on production, pressure, liquid level, vacuum and so on .

5: leaching oil production environment is better, because it is enclosed production, no leaks, no dust, and the relatively low temperature.Its production environment is better than the environment of the press method .

6: leaching oil production has good quality crude oil, because leaching method using an organic solvent, which has dissolving selection. It has effective control on non-lipid fat-soluble contaminants during the oil extraction process. You can rely on the performance of the solvent, leaching temperature, adding other solvents to achieve the control method.

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