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How much do you know about Oil extraction equipment?

Continuous oil solvent extraction process is relatively advanced in the international solvent extraction process, suitable for Rotocel extractor , Loop type extractor and chain extractor.Continuous oil solvent extraction process mainly has four stages: solvent extraction section, wet meal desolventizing section, mixed oil evaporation section, solvent recovery section,solvent extraction section.

From oil leaching project , mixed oil into the mixture of oil storage tank, after further settlement separation, into the first long tube evaporator.The heat of first evaporator is from evapo-separated secondary steam and steam heating of vacuum pump.After first evaporation and gas-liquid separation , mixed oil by the pump to cold and hot oil heat exchanger, after the heating into the second long tube evaporator.The second time evaporation and separation , mixed oil into the stripping tower, after cooling, into the refining workshop. Negative pressure of mixed oil evaporation and stripping system is formed by the steam vacuum pump.

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Knowledge of edible oil solvent extraction equipment : http://www.extractioner.com/news/226.html

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