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What is the extraction of oil, hair oil how to identify

Because crude oil is not refined, there may be pesticide residues, heavy metal pollution and other issues and contain harmful substances. As Mao cottonseed oil contains gossypol, gossypol chronic poisoning often fever, weakness, loss of appetite, and even loss of the ability to work; gossypol can inhibit sperm production, leading to male infertility; Mao peanut oil, corn oil contains wool aflatoxin, a strong carcinogen, refined oil allowable amount of cooking oil 20 micrograms per kilogram, while unrefined peanut oil may be up to 600 micrograms; hair rapeseed oil contains large amounts of erucic acid and glucosinolate compounds, these compounds for cardiovascular disease in people who may make it worse, it may lead to goiter; Mao rice bran oil, sunflower oil containing about 2% of non-digestible wax; soybean oil and rapeseed oil are containing 1% to 3% of a phospholipid, which requires removal of the refined.
  Another feature of the crude oil is heated during cooking of foam, smell, fumes large, significantly affect the taste and smell of the food cooking. In urban residents, the direct consumption of crude oil has very little people, but rural residents are quite common, which will directly endanger their health.
 Identify crude oil approach: relatively easy, usually crude oil bulk oil, darker color, poor transparency even muddy, long after the home and suspension of a precipitate appeared, some pungent smell of crude oil and a lot of bubbles. Of course, not all of the primary processing of oil can not be directly consumed. There are several vegetable oils such as olive oil, tea seed oil, sesame oil, etc., as long as the raw material is not bad, its primary press processing oil can be directly consumed.
Not directly edible crude oil after deacidification, bleaching, degumming, deodorizing, removing moisture and impurities after a series of processes become available for direct consumption of refined oils. Depending on the degree of refining, refined oil can be divided into one, two, three, four. A refined edible oil is the highest level, the lowest level for the four.
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