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Oil extraction equipment electrical control specification

Oil extraction equipment electrical control specification:
A, design content
1), low voltage power distribution design:
According to the process requirement, the pretreatment should be GGT and the cabinet with the next level of distribution;
2), the control system design.
B, on the basis of design
Electrical installation design of the project in accordance with the following requirements:
"Electrical installation, testing and acceptance of" GB50054-95
"Standard" design of the power supply system GB50052-95
The "standard" lighting design of industrial enterprises GB50034-92
Design of "rules" of industrial and civil building power supply system GBJ52-83
"GBJ52-83" code for design of low voltage distribution
"GB50057-94" code for design of lightning protection of buildings
"The design of power plant in explosion and fire hazardous environmental regulations" GB50058-92
"Code for electrical design of civil buildings JGJT16-92
"Standard" design of cable of electric engineering GB5027-94
"Standard" design of steel cable bridge engineering CECS31:91
C, wiring system
Low GGT control room will be located on the pre processing workshop; GGT cabinet in line according to the requirements of the owners, power cable selection PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable VV, control cable KVVP450/750 KVV450/750 cable.
D, GGT cabinet
Cabinet type GGT cabinet adopts advanced technology and facilities, the selected cabinet factory through the ISO9001 certification of professional manufacturers, switches and components are made of high quality products.
E, load estimation
The estimated total installed capacity of 400KW connected devices, line switch can choose 630A.
F, lightning protection and grounding system
Lightning arrester with a lightning (or steel structure roof) and deflectors using structural steel I-beam (or separate galvanized flat steel), grounding the maximum resistance to 1 ohm.
G and other potential system
The system can prevent the indirect contact shocks and anti grounding fault caused by fire and explosion.
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