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How to reduce the amount of residual oil in the leaching equ

After the extraction equipment in the processing of oils and fats, often in the equipment to leave some of the residual oil, the residual oil will usually have a certain impact on the quality of the next oil leaching. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean up the residual oil in the leaching equipment in time so as to ensure that the residual oil of the extraction equipment will not affect the quality of the extraction.
So, what are the reasons will lead to the extraction of equipment will be too much residual oil it? Just to introduce you to:
1, the nature of the material in the leaching equipment of the material will affect the amount of residual oil, the better the material embryo, then the lower the amount of residual oil;
2, the temperature is also an important factor in the extraction equipment, the lower the temperature of the leaching equipment, then the amount of residual oil will be higher;
3, the use of solvent extraction equipment is also very important, the use of solvent too much, it will lead to a significant increase in the amount of residual oil.
Therefore, in addition to the use of leaching equipment at each time, after cleaning the equipment for cleaning, do a good job on the protection of the processing of the extraction equipment, can also reduce the amount of residual oil.
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