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How to identify crude oil and refined oil

Now a healthy diet is a topic of concern, and the nutrition and health of edible oil is also one of the topics discussed by many people. In view of the market a variety of oil, leaching equipment manufacturers to tell you about the comparison of crude oil and refined oil identification and selection, hope that we can correctly understand the crude oil and refined oil.
The so-called crude oil, is refers to from the oil plant fruit (such as peanuts, rapeseed, etc.) the pressing and leaching of oil products; and refined oil is the crude oil and the hydration, degumming, dehydration and deodorization of leaching process equipment processing, removing impurities from oil. Both in terms of quality and consumption are different from the effect. Therefore, the diet should be selected to use the health benefits of the sound of refined oil.
Difference between crude oil and refined oil:
1. Leaching equipment manufacturers introduce the color of the crude oil is turbidity, placed a period of time there will be a small amount of precipitation; Refining Cream Ze Qing and light, the warranty period to prevent produce no precipitation.
2. Crude oil when cooking will produce a large number of foam, cream will turn black, smoke point at about 150 DEG C, smoke; refined cooking oil will not produce foam, cream stability, smoke point above 205 DEG C, smoke less.
3 leaching equipment manufacturers to explain the content of impurities in crude oil, quality and stability is poor. After further processing, removing the impurity oil refining, but does not affect the cooking oil flavor, so refined oil quality and stability.
From this point can be seen, refined oil than raising oil, remove the substances harmful to health, can say good. While crude oil contains a lot of harmful substances, and the placement of a short time, and refined oil than no advantage. Suggested that the majority of friends, should try to reduce the consumption of crude oil, healthy diet from the beginning of the edible refined oil!
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