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Thailand International Palm Oil Industry Exhibition[2016-08-11 09:55:28]
Thailand International Palm Oil Industry Exhibition Date: 18-19 August 2016 Booth number:55 Address: Co-op exhibition centre surat thani, Thailand Contacts: +86-371-55021213 55021219 Email: qie@qiemach.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Op...
Palm oil industry Exhibition Is Coming .....[2016-08-08 10:44:25]
We will attend Indonesia Palm oil industry Exhibition,engineers team will be there for your questions. Date:04-06-October 2016 Address: Medan International Convention Center (MICC) Santika Premiere Dyandra Hotel Medan Contacts: +86-371-5502...
What is the extraction of oil, hair oil how to identify[2016-03-21 15:49:00]
Because crude oil is not refined, there may be pesticide residues, heavy metal pollution and other issues and contain harmful substances. As Mao cottonseed oil contains gossypol, gossypol chronic poisoning often fever, weakness, loss of app...
Oil extraction equipment electrical control specification[2016-03-03 14:34:56]
Oil extraction equipment electrical control specification: A, design content 1), low voltage power distribution design: According to the process requirement, the pretreatment should be GGT and the cabinet with the next level of distribution...
How to reduce the amount of residual oil in the leaching equ[2016-01-11 16:32:12]
After the extraction equipment in the processing of oils and fats, often in the equipment to leave some of the residual oil, the residual oil will usually have a certain impact on the quality of the next oil leaching. Therefore, it is very...
Constant innovation is the driving force for the development[2016-01-11 16:30:12]
Leaching equipment industry wants to develop, it needs to continue to innovate, so that the quality and value of the product can be improved, the enterprise can get a higher economic efficiency. Therefore, only constant innovation can make...
How to identify crude oil and refined oil[2016-01-11 16:29:35]
Now a healthy diet is a topic of concern, and the nutrition and health of edible oil is also one of the topics discussed by many people. In view of the market a variety of oil, leaching equipment manufacturers to tell you about the comparis...
Workflow batch leaching equipment[2016-01-11 16:18:03]
Now a lot of oil extraction equipment used in processing factories, all belong to the batch extraction equipment. This leaching equipment processing quality excellent, excellent performance, is a very high cost of extraction equipment is ve...
Analytical hierarchical principle trap oil extraction equipm[2016-01-11 16:16:13]
Trap oil extraction equipment is one of the oil extraction equipment in a very important accessory, its role can make oil extraction and processing of oil equipment to get effective control of the water content, so that the quality of oil c...
How oil extraction equipment needs maintenance?[2016-01-11 16:13:35]
Matters oil extraction equipment in production and inspection should be noted. Always check the charging height and blanking situation leaching temperature, fresh solvent temperature, spray amount, the oil extraction equipment extraction gr...
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